Relix Live Music Conference 2019 (A Gallery)

May 20, 2019
Relix Live Music Conference 2019 (A Gallery)

Last week, Brooklyn Bowl hosted the third annual Relix Live Music Conference, which brought two days of informative panels, discussions, presentations and more featuring various luminaries in the live-music industry, aimed at informing and advising those looking to make their mark in the business.

Tuesday’s offerings included a discussion with Moonalice’s Roger McNamee about his experience with Facebook and how Google and its competitors are tracking our lives, plus talks on social media, lighting design, philanthropy, entrepreneurship and a final panel led by members of Guster and featuring former members of their street team who now find themselves in different parts of the music industry.

After a Tuesday-night “We B-E-E Spellling” event and performance from Andy Frasco, day two followed up with discussions on the unique country-music sector, the Americana Music Association, ticketing and hospitality, plus a conversation between a couple of accomplished venue owners, Dayglo Venture’s Peter Shapiro (Brooklyn Bowl, The Capitol Theatre) and I.M.P.’s Seth Hurwitz (9:30 Club, The Anthem). Wednesday also featured a chat between Warren Haynes and Rolling Stone journalist David Fricke and a final case-study sit-down with Fricke and Bowery Presents partners John Moore and Jim Glancy.

Marc Millman shared some highlight photos from the two informative days.

Day One

Day Two