Daft Punk Finally Performs, Everyone Dances

Rob Slater on January 27, 2014

Daft Punk made just their second television appearance in their 20-year existence. The French duo recruited the likes of Stevie Wonder, Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams to perform their smash single “Get Lucky” last night at the Grammys. Staged in a fake recording studio, Pharrell (in a magnificent hat), Wonder and Rodgers along with a backing band launched into the tune. It wasn’t long before the blacked out glass dropped behind them, revealing the soon-to-be five-time Grammy winners. Daft Punk electrified the sold out Staples Center, mixing in samples of “Lose Yourself to Dance” (also from the Album of the Year Random Access Memories) as well as “Harder Better Faster Stronger,” which was featured in Kanye West’s “Stronger,” which they performed with the rapper during the 2008 Grammy Awards.

As everything on stage seemed to light up at once, musicians, celebrities and the like got down with cameras there to capture the beautiful evidence. McCartney, Tyler, and the like enjoyed themselves. In fact, Jay Z and Beyonce even carved out some aisle space to get down. If this isn’t proof that Daft Punk needs to jump on a world tour immediately, I don’t know what is. The “Another Star” snippet at the end certainly didn’t hurt, either. Needless to say, Daft Punk is back. Let’s see how music’s elite enjoyed the performance.

Paul McCartney snaps and bobs

Steven Tyler gets funky

Yoko Ono wants peace

Jay Z and Beyonce take up the whole aisle

beyonce daft punk dancing

Katy Perry keeps it classy

When reached for comment, Daft Punk simply offered a golf clap.