Check Out Our September 2021 Digital Sampler

September 23, 2021
Check Out Our September 2021 Digital Sampler

Check out the Digital Artist Sampler from our September 2021 Issue.

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The Consecutives


From the album The Consecutives, Vol. 2


The Consecutives are a Modern Funk band from Brooklyn, N.Y. who write intentionally simple music that thrives on improvising. Influenced by American music between the late 1950s to mid 1970s, pieces of Rhythm and Blues, Modern Jazz, Funk and Soul can all be heard on records and witnessed during their shows.

The Greg Sherrod Music Co.




“DO YOU FEEL IT?” – The new album from Greg Sherrod. Former Clarke Brothers vocalist Gregg Sherrod, widely known throughout New England as a performer, songwriter and vocal coach, and perhaps most famous for his appearance on NBC’s “Clash Of The Choirs”

Parker Smith


From the album Underground


All aching pedal steel and cigarette-soaked pleas, Atlanta folk/Americana artist Parker Smith seems to put his own spiritual turmoil in a chokehold, elevating it until he squeezes out the elegant songs that make for his sophomore LP, Underground.

Raveis Kole

“True Is Beautiful”


Raveis Kole LLC / Bop Records

Raveis Kole is an eclectic Americana/Folk duo blending SoCal freedom, Eastern mystery, European panache, and a gypsy’s adventurous spirit. Bellingham Wash. based, Laurie Raveis & Dennis Kole hit #11 Billboard Heatseekers, perform all over the U.S., U.K. & Canada, & opened up for The Wailers & Cory Henry.

Red River Hymn


From the EP Oakview


Red River Hymn is a Nashville based band whose sound has been described as “Sad Southern Rock” . “Catalyst” is the latest single off of their upcoming EP, Oakview. Due out Sept. 24, The EP finds the band pushing themselves into new creative territory while staying true to their signature style.

Craig Graham Band

“Let’s Go For a Ride”

From the album Craig Graham Band 2020


Craig Graham Band’s “Let’s Go for a Ride” of their album Graig Gram band 2020. With Craig Graham on guitar, Brad Whiteley on keys, Calvin Jones on bass and Patrick Carmichael  on drums the band creates cool groovy original instrumental music. For House Concerts, Booking, downloads and music lessons visit:

Dusty Wright

“Stare into the Sun”


PetRock, Inc.

Dusty Wright is a New York City-based singer-songwriter who has released  8 albums one with the folk-rock quartet GIANTfingers. His latest single / video ( is titled “Stare into the Sun” from the forthcoming album Lonelyville (PetRock) due to release Fall of 2021.

Mike Andersen

“Slamming The Door”

From the album Raise Your Hand

Custom Records

Mike Andersen has a powerful and sensitive voice, an intense guitar style, and a fantastic band. This 9th album, Raise Your Hand, opens with “Slamming The Door”. A humorous piece about being aware of what kind of person you want to become, before slamming the doors you should have left open.


“Wing Plus Can”



Pregnant is the decade long Musical Juxtapositions of Daniel Trudeau. His music is ambiguous and eclectic while remaining somehow tethered to pop sensibility and varies on the genre-spectrum from Pop to Ambient New Age to Folk and onward through careful collaborations and heady experimentation.

Andrew North & The Rangers

“Chicken in the Backyard”

From the album Phosphorescent Snack


Andrew North & The Rangers just released their debut LP, Phosphorescent Snack, showcasing the band’s genre-bending style and whimsical sense of humor. The quartet’s songs span upbeat rock, instrumental jazz, and funky jams – every bit of it fun and engaging. Amazing things can come from unlikely places.

Jillian Caillouette

“Selfish Motives”



Jillian Caillouette is a singer/songwriter based in Connecticut. Her latest soulful pop single caught the attention of several popular playlists on Spotify and indie music blog/online magazine For The Love Of Bands. This month Jillian will be releasing a brand new pop single called “Kill the Critic.”




MPress Records

“Passenger” is a cinematic merging of poetry & blues in the vein of Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith & Laurie Anderson. Featuring New York City-based Billboard-charting poet/producer Rachael Sage & Grammy nominated cellist Dave Eggar, Will Wilde, Gerry Leonard (David Bowie) & Jack Petruzzelli (Rufus Wainwright).

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