Check Out Our July/August CD Sampler

July 19, 2019
Check Out Our July/August CD Sampler

Check out the Artist Samplers from our July/August Issue. The combined playlist streams on Spotify:

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
“Bad Case”
From the album Turn Off the News (Build a Garden)
Fantasy Records
Straddling rock-and-roll, country, soul, folk and R&B, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real reach a new high-water mark on Turn Off the News (Build a Garden). This is Lukas Nelson at his best: as a songwriter, a singer, a guitarist and a band leader—an artist at the peak of his powers, backed by one of the most talented rock-and-roll ensembles working today.

Curse of Lono
“I’d Start a War for You” – Live at Toe Rag Studios
From the album 4am & Counting – Live at Toe Rag Studios

Submarine Cat Records
‘I’d Start a War for You’ is taken from Curse of Lono’s new album 4am and Counting (out July 12). Recorded live at Toe Rag Studios in London with Grammy-winning producer Liam Watson (The White Stripes), the track features a guest appearance from legendary pedal-steel player BJ Cole.

“Now Is Our Time”
From the album Lucky 13, Vol. 2
Ardsley Music
You might expect a band that calls itself Yarn to, naturally, tend to spin a yarn or two. “That’s what we do: We tell stories, live and in the studio, truth and fiction,” singer-songwriter Blake Christiana insists. “We don’t always opt for consistency. There’s a different vibe onstage from what comes through in the studio.

Nichelle Colvin
“Leave That Key”
From the EP Welcome to Gary
SSGM Records

Nichelle Colvin, born and raised in Gary, Ind., sings with great emotion and sincerity. This singer-songwriter wrote her first three songs, which became Billboard award-winning songs, as a sophomore in college. Not bad for your first time out, huh?

Spare Change Trio
“Slow Down”

Spare Change Trio is known for their eclectic live performances that incorporate the Australian didgeridoo into flowing soundscapes of reggae, funk and jazz-fusion. The band hopes to spread the message of peace, love and harmony, while laying down an infectious groove.

Quarter Horse
From the album Quarter Horse

Described as Americana, Quarter Horse’s sound includes folk, alternative and jazz influences. Vocal harmonies have come to define them, but other signatures of their sound include tandem lead guitar and improvisation. Their music truly comes to life onstage.

Sweet Sweet
“To the Stars”

The South Carolina-based, indie-folk duo doubled down and dubbed themselves “Sweet Sweet” to describe the fresh and inviting way they blend the elegance and mood of cello with the rustic roots of acoustic guitar—crafting songs of heartfelt tales and whimsical Southern charm.

Colin Fowlie
From the album Party Music

Critically acclaimed Canadian recording artist and versatile singer-songwriter Colin Fowlie has arrived on the scene bringing with him a storied past, unique and compelling compositions in song and charismatic vocal stylings. He is turning heads with his debut full-length album “Party Music.”

Hartley’s Encore

Hartley’s Encore is a funk/soul band from Albany, N.Y. Their mission: making music equal parts soundtrack to your Saturday night and bacon for your Sunday brunch. They’ve played with icons/stars (Los Lobos, Eric Krasno), and work regularly with Alan Evans (of Soulive) at his Iron Wax Studios.

“Escape on the Wind”
From the album Escape on the Wind

Bandwich is a collective group of musicians from all corners of Maine, sharing a longtime connection through experimental jam-fusion, neo-soul grooves and progressive funk-rock. Years of chemistry and diverse influences have cultivated a unique wave of expression through composition, improvisation and beyond. Founded in 2017, Bandwich has cooked up two studio albums of original music and performed throughout the lands of the Northeast.

Leadbetter Band
“Shaking Queen”
From the album Leadbetter Band

Leadbetter Band is a power trio based out of Bend, Ore. They just released their debut album in May 2019. Driven by the songwriter, Eric Leadbetter, the band rips up the tunes and heavy blues-rock improv sections—echoes from the golden age of rock-and-roll.

The Tragedy Brothers
“City Limits”
From the album City Limits

Portraying the American landscape with a hot palette of twang and blues, The Tragedy Brothers pursue rock-and-roll innovation with feet squarely planted in tradition.

Radio Airplay Winner: Bad Mama’s Blues Band
“My House”

Bad Mama’s Blues Band is a five-piece swampedelic blues-rock band based out of Syracuse, N.Y. All five members bring unique personalities to the beloved American tradition of the blues, resulting in invigorating live performances and all new senses and sounds. Look for our full-length release in July!

Editor’s Pick: White Denim
“NY Money”
From the album Side Effects
City Slang

White Denim have carefully studied the greatest records ever made, but they write songs just dumb enough to drink, dance and fight to. Theirs is music that aims for the whole body, while equally satisfying the mind.