Check Out Our April/May 2020 Digital Sampler

April 20, 2020
Check Out Our April/May 2020 Digital Sampler

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“The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill”

Anti-genre indie-pranksters SeepeopleS, best known for their seven genre-bending records, 20 years of touring, and the “New American Dream” video animated by Pete List (Celebrity Deathmatch) which was banned by Facebook/IG, are busy working on their eighth album with Will Holland (Pixies, Dead Can Dance).

David Myles
“Kind Of Like It”
From the album Leave Tonight
Little Tiny Records

David’s music mastery just gets more impressive—vintage hip-swiveler Real Love and the lush Francophone pop of Le Grand Départ are testaments to that. 2020’s Leave Tonight is a stunning record of compelling songs. With dozens of awards and a growing fanbase, Myles charms audiences worldwide.

Debra Devi
“When It Comes Down (Jam)”
From the EP A Zillion Stars Overhead
True Nature Records

Singer/guitarist Debra Devi jams with Gov’t Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson and Amfibian drummer John Hummel on her new EP A Zillion Stars Overhead, a collection of dreamy blues-rockers and blistering psychedelic jams recorded by John Agnello and mixed by Sylvia Massy.

Craig Gerdes
“Tough as Nails”

Steeped in the white lines, black tar and diesel smoke of American highways, Tough As Nails—the latest LP from Craig Gerdes—is raw and real, a document of a road-tested band on the rise. Being on the road, meeting people and hearing their stories inspired Gere on this album.

Hall Williams Band
“Lost Without You (feat. Jason Crosby)”

This song is dedicated to all we have loved and lost before their time. This is the third appearance on the Relix Artist Sampler’s for this groovy little four piece out of Baltimore, Md. Their combination of heartfelt funk roots, bluegrass jam is designed to lift you, inspire you and groove you.

Eli Musser
“Apalachicola Blue”

Eli Musser pairs the spirit of boundless, inspired rock-based songcraft of earlier decades with a modern sensibility rarely found in lyrics, chords and melodies. A student of classical composition and improvisation, Eli prefers to let instinct and feel lead the way when it comes to his own material.

Joss Jaffe
From the EP Traveller
Be Why Music

Joss Jaffe’s forthcoming Traveller showcases 3 original songs exploring topics of love, life, intimacy, mortality and spirituality. Set to pulsing rhythms blending pop, hypnotic dub reggae and ambient trip-hop, Joss’ clear and distinct voice draws the listener in with a unique and catchy sound.

From the album Desert Skies

Founded by Austrian multi-instrumentalist Julia Hummer, blending the bluesy rock & roll of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with the shoegaze decadence of Ride and Slowdive, Juleah has found their trademark sound in sweet, but sultry vocals and the depths of reverb-soaked guitars.

Left On Tenth

Left on Tenth is an eight-piece group, assembled in Bozeman, Mont. and characterized by a variety of driving tunes, funky jams and sensual ballads. Their newest single, “Dogrose” has a touch of melodic blues that crescendos into a wild-west rock ballad. Guaranteed to be a dance party!

Mike Barnett
“She’s A Mystery”
From the Album Scattered Debris

Since the release of his debut album, Shoes & Gadgets, Missouri folk singer/songwriter Mike Barnett has earned his place as a formidable veteran talent on the roots rock scene. His lilting songs and effortless harmonies call to mind the best of Tom Petty and George Harrison.

Azro Cady
“I Need A Win”
From the EP Tricky Angel
zOaR Records

Driven by the songwriting of vocalist Philip Hoffman, Azro Cady evokes the feel of downtown NYC in the ‘70s shot through a modern lens, combining hooky melodies with lyrics that stick. The band features Trina Hamlin, Flip Scipio and Mark Dziuba. For fans of Kurt Vile, Lou Reed and Father John Misty.

Just Fabulous
“You’re Satisfaction”

Just Fabulous is an uptempo rock band from Brooklyn, featuring Xandra on vocals, Keith on guitar, Matt on drums and Alanna on bass! Their current release, 2019’s Don’t You Know! is available on Spotify. “You’re Satisfaction” is off their upcoming 2020 EP Ring Your Bell!