Video Premiere: Diana DeMuth “Into My Arms”

July 17, 2020
Video Premiere: Diana DeMuth “Into My Arms”

According to singer-songwriter Diana DeMuth, her new single “Into My Arms” is an “ode to what it feels like to free yourself.”

Today, we’re premiering the cinematic video to accompany the deceptively lighthearted tune, which comes off her forthcoming debut Misadventure. The Lumineers’ Wesley Schultz appears in the video. 

“I hope people feel liberated when they hear this song and are reminded of a time they got out, DeMuth says. “The music video was shot on a single film camera in the early morning and evening hours in upstate New York. My amazing director Nick Bell envisioned Wesley’s character as a mysterious cult leader who sends his goons to hunt me down and retrieve ‘The Box.’ It was so awesome to have him involved, his performance and his dance steps continue to blow me away. What’s in the box? The answer changes for me every time I watch it. I hope it does for you to. Maybe it’s best we never truly know, a little more mystery in the world.”

For more information on DeMuth visit her official website.

Check out the video for “Into My Arms” below: