Remember That Time Adam Yauch Crashed the MTV Video Music Awards

Rob Slater on May 4, 2015

Three years ago today, Adam “MCA” Yauch sadly passed away, leaving behind one of the most influential hip hop groups in recent memory. The Beastie Boys music will live on forever, as will this next moment.

Given that today is also Star Wars Day (this is why the annoying guy at your office has been saying “May the 4th be with you” all day long), it seems appropriate to visit one of MCA’s finest moments on stage when he stormed the podium at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards (back when it was actually about music) as his alter ego, Nathanial Hornblower. Decked out in full lederhosen, Yauch called R.E.M.’s Best Director win for “Everybody Hurts” an “outrage” and a “farce” as he came to the defense of Spike Jonze, who directed the Beastie’s “Sabotage.” As a mortified Michael Stipe looked on, Yauch delivered a rambling and incoherent speech that ultimately closed with, “I had the ideas for Star Wars and everything” before security snatched him up.

That night, MCA, Mike D and Ad Rock were up for six awards for “Sabotage” and went 0-6. Outrage, indeed. Replay that glorious moment below.