Premiere: Jewlia Eisenberg and Jeremiah Lockwood’s Book of J “Do Lord”

January 19, 2018

Book of J is a new project featuring Jewlia Eisenberg (Charming Hostess) and Jeremiah Lockwood (Sway Machinery).  Their music is described as “new psalmody, drawing from Yiddish songs of ghosts and police violence, the rich biblical commentary of Black and White American traditional music, and piyutim (paraliturgical songs) with a queer bent. Expect old-time religion, radical politics, angels and demons, workers and bosses, diasporic languages, erotic longing, close-text reading, hard times resolved and destiny fulfilled.”

Their debut self-titled album Book of J will be released on February 2 via 3rd Generation Recordings. Today we premiere “Do Lord“ from the forthcoming record.

Book of J tells Relix, “We found when we started playing together that we had a shared knowledge of old gospel songs that we loved to sing, but we had learned them in different contexts. Jewlia from her involvement with radical politics and protests and Jeremiah through his relationship with blues musician Carolina Slim. Our version of ‘Do Lord’ reflects both of these rich heritages.”