Kevin Morby

Sam Davis on November 14, 2014

Returning from the Woods

It’s been nearly a year since Kevin Morby left his post as the bassist in Brooklyn psych-folk band Woods, released an album under his own name and ventured down the path of uncertainty that every solo musician must inevitably trek. “[I’m] very happy I left. No regrets at all—those dudes are my brothers and I wish them the very best, and love their new record—but I have to do my thing, and I can’t juggle being in two or more bands anymore. It’s better to focus all [of my] energy on one project,” says Morby. This fall, Morby released his sophomore record, Still Life, on his former band’s Woodsist label. It’s an album inspired by the rigors of touring life and the challenges of going it alone. Morby explains that 2013 was difficult and transitional but, eventually, rewarding. “I was pretty aimless and very lost. It was a huge turning point for me, a really shitty year, but it was a necessary growing pain,” he says. “I knew I didn’t wanna be a bass player anymore. I wanted to work on my own songs…I felt like I was losing my mind touring so much and not being fully invested in the things that were taking up all of my time. A lot of things that were very close to me came to an end all at once, and although it was all very dramatic at the time, now I can appreciate them from afar—and be happy that I’ve moved on.”

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