TAUK, Kanika Moore and Members of The Horn Section Treat The Blue Note Jazz Club to Two Special Sets (A Gallery)

Alex H. Krinsky on June 21, 2022
TAUK, Kanika Moore and Members of The Horn Section Treat The Blue Note Jazz Club to Two Special Sets (A Gallery)

Photos by Nick Codina

On Monday, June 20, TAUK took to New York City’s Blue Note Jazz Club in the Greenwich Village for two shows with Doom Flamingo’s Kanika Moore and The Horn Section’s Greg Sanderson (sax) and Chris Brouwers (trumpet). The shows, which took place at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. respectively, saw songs from TAUK’s most recent project (Chaos Companion), full discography, debut covers, and debut originals – all with assistance from their esteemed guests.

TAUK opened their first set with “Afro-Tonic” off their 2013 project Homunculus and quickly established the exceptional instrumental prowess that allowed them to join the ranks of those featured on the lineup of the ongoing Blue Note Jazz Festival. They then moved into their first song off Chaos Companion “Moon Dub.” Following “Moon Dub” the band welcomed Sanderson and Brouwers of The Horn Section to assist on “The Spot” and “Pitter Pattern.” The two musicians stayed on the stage as TAUK welcomed Doom Flamingo’s Kanika Moore onstage–who was adorned in a crystal gown evoking mental images of the finest cabaret acts; from Eartha Kitt to Frances Langford–for the debut of their song “Designer Babies.”

Sanderson and Brouwers stepped off the stage as the spotlight continued to shine on and reflect off Moore, and she and TAUK performed a song they wrote together during the pandemic, “STFU.” Following the performance, Moore told a short story about how the song was inspired by some upstairs neighbors, with a coy smile. After the story–and to the delight of the audience–the ensemble moved into a cover of Childish Gambino’s hit song “Redbone” which showed the emotive range of Moore’s vocals and TAUK bassist Charlie Dolan’s satin approach to the track’s beloved bassline. Sanderson and Brouwers then returned to add their brass to “Supernova” and stayed on stage as all the special guests united for a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Living For the City” and TAUK’s “Flex” to close.

TAUK kicked off the 10:30 p.m. show at the Blue Note Jazz Club with three tracks sans guests. The quartet–comprised of Matt Jalbert (guitar), Dolan (bass), A.C. Carter (keyboards and organ) and A.C. Carter (keyboards and organ)–started with “CMF 9000,” then “New Age Trip,” and “When In Doubt” before Sanderson and Brouwers joined them for their dark and blissed 2021 track “Dormammu.” Moore then joined the ensemble for “Supernova” “Infection” and the second “Designer Babies” of the evening. They then moved into their debut cover of Outkast’s “Prototype” which featured all the extra-extra terrestrials onstage musically exploring the rarest of all human emotion, love. The Horn Section members stepped off stage making space for Moore and TAUK to once again explore “STFU,” which was followed by “Pigments.” To close the show the full ensemble–horns, Moore and TAUK–explored “Flex” which was followed by a cover of Stevie Wonder’s seminal song “Superstition.” See the full setlists below.

Blue Note Jazz Club – New York City
June 20, 2022

Set I: Afro-Tonic, Moon Dub, The Spot, Pitter Pattern, Infection Detection, Designer Babies*, STFU, Redbone, Supernova, Living For the City, Flex

Set II: CMF 9000, New Age Trip, When In Doubt, Dormammu, Supernova, Infection, Designer Babies, Prototype*, STFU Pigments, Flex, Superstition