Brian Eno to Set Sail on Debut Solo Tour, Ships

June 5, 2023
Brian Eno to Set Sail on Debut Solo Tour, Ships

Photo by Cecily Eno

Pioneering musician Brian Eno is set to embark on an epic voyage as he prepares for his very first solo tour. Aptly titled Ships, his upcoming and likely groundbreaking concert series will showcase the sonic landscapes of his acclaimed 2016 album, The Ship, while weaving compositions both beloved and new from his vast discography.

A masterful ensemble will accompany him, including the Baltic Sea Philharmonic led by conductor Kristjan Järvi, esteemed actor Peter Serafinowicz, and Eno’s longtime collaborators Leo Abrahams and Peter Chilvers. The grand finale will take place with a double-header at London’s esteemed Southbank Centre on Oct. 30, following a mesmerizing journey that will touch down in Venice, Paris, Berlin, and Utrecht, starting on Oct. 21.

Eno, widely recognized for his collaborations with Roxy Music during the ’70s and sporadic appearances with various artists, has rarely ventured out for solo performances. Instead, he has delighted audiences with rare and exclusive showcases, sometimes making special appearances at renowned festivals. In 2021, Eno, alongside his brother Roger Eno, graced the historic Acropolis in Athens with an enchanting live performance that left fans in awe.

The Ship album is a singular creation, enveloping the listener in a mystical embrace that defies conventional song structures. It conjures an atmospheric soundscape, where ephemeral characters drift through the nebulous realms of the music. There’s an undercurrent of wartime sentiment and an inescapable feeling of inevitability,” said Eno of the tour in a press release. “The vastness of the composition lends itself perfectly to an orchestral treatment, capturing the essence of collaboration on a grand scale. I sought an orchestra that played with the same passion and authenticity that resonates within me. I wanted young, dynamic musicians who approach the music from the heart rather than the page. When I discovered the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, I found precisely that…and the fact that they bear the name of a sea sealed the deal!”

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary sonic odyssey as Eno’s Ships tour unfurls its sails. An unparalleled fusion of artistic talents promises to transport audiences to new dimensions, revealing the boundless creativity of this visionary maestro, which is very likely to redefine the very concept of the live musical experience.

Oct. 21 – Venice, Italy – Venice Biennale Musica, Teatro la Fenice (3:00 and 8:00 p.m.)
Oct. 24 – Berlin, Germany – Philharmonie Berlin
Oct. 26 – Paris, France – La Seine Musicale
Oct. 28 – Utrecht, Netherlands – TivoliVredenburg 
Oct. 30 – London, England – Royal Festival Hall, Southbank (6:30 and 9:00 p.m.)