Premiere: Color Green Preview Impending Full-Length Release with Cautionary Title Track “Fool’s Parade”

May 15, 2024
Premiere: Color Green Preview Impending Full-Length Release with Cautionary Title Track “Fool’s Parade”

Photo Credit: Stephanie Pia

Today, May 15, Color Green have granted listeners a second preview of their impending sophomore set, Fool’s Parade, due on July 12, 2024. “Fool’s Parade” continues a conversation that began with “Four Leaf Clover,” their initial entry distributed from the impending set. By using their instrumentals as an emotive filter, the group continues to find mimicry between the sentiment of their lines and their impassioned delivery, a key feature of the carry-over between deliverables and accentuation of the band’s made-for-the-stage sound. 

“‘Fool’s Parade’ was conjured at a band practice when drummer Corey Rose had the idea of writing a song in 6/8. Drawing from inspiration of British folk giants like Pentangle and Fairport Convention, ‘Fool’s Parade’ is a tale of caution, that the malice of ignorance can be the downfall of all things precious to life itself,” the band exclusively shared with Relix

The latest debut to come from the nine-song set, “Fool’s Parade,” is a cautionary tale that continues to delve into weighted topics, from loss and grief to clarity. The collection pushes a similar narrative to life itself, amalgamating hard topics beyond individual control and the notion that from the pit of despair, there is light. After the rain, there is sun. 

“We shaped it to showcase our range,” says guitarist and vocalist Corey Madden. “All songs were written together as a band. It’s the four of us in a room and it features all of  our voices.” Bassist and vocalist Kyla Perlmutter adds, “What we come up with together, I don’t think any of us could do by ourselves. The music we make is always surprising me.”

Beyond their crystalline intent to evoke something more profound in the listener, Color Green’s unique ability to bring the live stage to the studio continues to exemplify their notoriety and prestige. “When we play live, I don’t really know what’s going to happen,” says guitarist and vocalist Noah Kohll. “You really have no idea what you’re going to get with this band, which keeps things fresh for us and maybe makes the live experience special.”

Scroll down to steam the Relix’s premiere of Color Green’s “Fool’s Parade.”

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Color Green Fool’s Parade Track Listing: 

1. Coronado 

2. Four Leaf Clover 

3. Fool’s Parade 

4. When The Clouds Roll In 

5. God In A $ 

6. 5:08 

7. Kick The Bucket 

8. Ball And Key 

9. Hazel Eyes