Watch Trey Anastasio Tell The Story of When He Was Confused For Eric Clapton

Jake May on December 3, 2019
Watch Trey Anastasio Tell The Story of When He Was Confused For Eric Clapton

Ahead of Phish’s Dec. 3 performance at The Met Philadephia, guitarist Trey Anastasio made an appearance on SiriusXM’s Phish Radio during which he discussed the band’s history in Philly with host Ari Fink. He told a story of watching a reporter confuse him for another bespectacled guitarist on live television. Anastasio explains that he was watching a Philadelphia Flyers game with his wife Sue. During a break in the game’s action, the broadcast ran a remote piece talking about the musical history of the Spectrum (the Flyers’ old arena).

“[The reporter]’s backstage, and he was walking down the hall with a microphone and he was saying, ‘This is the room where Bruce Springsteen played.’ And he shows a picture on the wall of Bruce Springsteen. And I kind of turned to my wife, Sue, and I said, ‘Oh my god, he’s walking right towards my picture,’ because it’s a picture of me back there with the Flyers Jersey on,” said Anastasio.

“At the time, I had little round glasses, and kind of short hair,” continued Trey. “Finally this guy walks right up. He’s standing right in front of it and he says, ‘And this is the room where Eric Clapton donned the Flyers uniform.’ And the camera closes in on my picture and I was like, ‘That’s not Eric Clapton!'”

Phish will take the stage in Philadelphia tonight at The Met for their intimate SiriusXM/Pandora gig, which will be broadcast live on SiriusXM Phish Radio (channel 29). Fans that did not win tickets can listen to the stream for free as part of SiriusXM’s free listening period.

Watch Trey Anastasio tell the story below, as well as a clip of the original broadcast (via YouTube user Worcester2003). The reporter’s actual quote was, “This is where Eric Clapton crooned in Flyer orange and black.”