Song Premiere: Naughty Professor “Without a Trace” (feat. Eric Benny Bloom)

June 12, 2017

Naughty Professor will deliver Identity on June 23, their newest album that features a number of collaborations from the likes of David Shaw, Chali 2na, Ivan Neville and Eric Benny Bloom of Lettuce, who appears on the new track “Without a Trace” which we premiere below. 

“When writing this song, I was aiming to have something that sort of put the horn section on display,” Naughty Professor’s John Culbreth told Relix. “Once the song was finished and the time came to decide who our guest would be, I realized (semi-selfishly) this was a rare opportunity for me to get to play with another trumpet player…and who better than Benny Bloom? Plus, the sonic difference between a horn section with one trumpet and a section with two is immense.”

For his part, Bloom said, “Recording with the Naughty Professor guys was a lot of fun for sure. They are all strong musicians individually but also play great together. The song has a sort of dark vibe to it, which I dig. What I also like about it, is that the whole horn melody is in 4-part harmony! The Naughty P horns have really interesting harmonies, which makes playing being in a 4-piece horn section really satisfying!”

Watch below.