Listen to Fan-Made “Original” Kasvot Växt Studio Tracks

Matt Inman on November 15, 2018
Listen to Fan-Made “Original” Kasvot Växt Studio Tracks


Phish fooled more than a few music fans this past Halloween, “covering” an obscure Scandinavian group from the ’80s, Kasvot Växt, and offering a reinterpretation of their entire album í rokk. As we later learned, the set (now available to stream in full) was actually all-new original Phish tunes, and pretty fun ones at that.

A couple of fans have taken the goof to another level, though, by creating their own versions of what the original Kasvot Växt í rokk tracks might have sounded like back in 1981. Today, Keanu Trees (a.k.a. California musician Brandon S. Meyer) unveiled his impressive version of “We Are Come to Outlive Our Brains,” while Dave Martin shared his “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long” soon after Phish’s Halloween performance.

Both are pretty humorous offerings—although I do have to dock them a few points for not sticking with Phish’s original concept of í rokk as an album with lyrics in multiple Scandinavian languages.

Just to be clear, these are covers of original Phish songs that were disguised as covers of a fake ’80s Scandinavian band. Got it? Good. Listen below, and check out more from Meyer here and Martin here.