John Mayer Recalls That Time He Botched “St. Stephen” and the Crowd Went Wild

November 17, 2017

John Mayer is never one to hide one of his mistakes and on a new Sirius radio show hosted by drummer Steve Jordan (who spent a number of years with Mayer in the John Mayer Trio and his solo band) the guitarist talks about one particular mistake he made during “St. Stephen.” 

“There’s this break in the song called ‘St. Stephen,'” Mayer said. “And I just lost it. I went ‘Daaaaah.’ You could hear me in the microphone know that I had totally [lost it].” Noticeably frightened, Mayer said the crowd picked him back up. “The crowd went wild. Like, ‘welcome to the fold.'”

“They don’t care about perfection,” Mayer remarked of Grateful Dead fans. “They care that you’re taking them somewhere you didn’t take anywhere else. They care about discovery.” 

Mayer punctuated his story with some food for thought: “Mistakes are the exhaust of the dream machine.”