First Look: Grateful Dead 5/8/77 Documentary to Accompany _The Grateful Dead Movie 40th Anniversary_

April 17, 2017

This Thursday over 500 movie theaters in the United States will participate in a special 4/20 40th anniversary screening of The Grateful Dead Movie. The event will take place at 7:00 p.m. local time and will also will feature an exclusive look at the upcoming Grateful Dead documentary, Long Strange Trip, directed by Amir Bar-Lev and executive produced by Martin Scorsese, as well as a never-before-seen mini-documentary about the band’s legendary May 8, 1977 show at Cornell University. Today we are sharing a clip from the 5/8/77 documentary, which includes new interviews with fans who were in attendance.

“The Grateful Dead Movie 40th Anniversary” is presented by Fathom Events and Rhino Entertainment. Advance tickets and additional information are available here.