This Week in GIFs: Moon Taxi, Tweedy on _Portlandia_ and Daft Punk

Rob Slater on April 4, 2014

For happy hour, chew on these wonderful GIFs from the past week. The depth of the material wasn’t there this week, but the content was as GIF-worthy as ever. Get a look at Julian Casablancas crashing the stage during Arcade Fire’s Lollapalooza set, Moon Taxi hamming it up in Austin, Daft Punk’s appearance on Parks and Rec and Jeff Tweedy being Jeff Tweedy on a hilarious episode of Portlandia. Happy Friday!

Julian Casablancas crashed Arcade Fire’s party. Win Butler was PISSED.

The band managed to resolve the issue and carry on with the show, though….

Daft Punk was on Parks and Recreation! Sort of…

Ben didn’t get it either….

Jeff Tweedy played himself on Portlandia and it was amazing

Emmy worthy performance here…

Even Fred Armisen agrees.

Fred, Carrie and Jeff crafted the perfect folk song about a smoke alarm beeping. It was heartwarming.

Moon Taxi performed at SXSW and went full-rockstar.

Preparing for their Rage Against the Machine set, I see….