Check Out Our December 2023 CD Artist Sampler

December 6, 2023
Check Out Our December 2023 CD Artist Sampler

Check out the CD & Digital Artist Samplers from our December 2023 Issue.

Stream the playlist:

Gov’t Mule

“Under the Tent”

From the EP Time of the Signs

Fantasy Records

Government Mule’s Time of the Signs EP showcases four fresh tracks from the Peace… Like A River session along with an alternate rendition of the album’s “The River Only Flows One Way,” featuring Warren on lead vocals.

Greg Hoy

“Yay for Effort”

From the EP Extra Effort EP

30 Peak Recording Co

San Francisco-based artist Greg Hoy has worked with Steve Albini, toured 100-plus live dates since 2021, and is releasing an Extra Effort remix EP. With songs on MTV, HBO and the CW, Melody Maker says, “Hoy’s at home with surprising listeners: Be grateful for it” and V13 says it’s “Weezer meets Wilco.”

Satellite Train




“Cry” tells the story of a young girl grappling with the absence of her parents and childhood loneliness. It convey a message of strength and finding joy even in challenging times.

Emily Kidd


From the EP The Emily Kidd

Rabotat Records

Emily Kidd is a honky tonk singer who has been paying her dues in Nashville for nearly a decade. Her original music is a way to try and carve her own path within the hallowed corridors of country. Her lyrics are honest and straightforward — she’s finally got something to say, and she’s not mincing words.

Onism E

“I’m Sorry”



Indie-rockers Onism E sweep you into their hard-hitting world led by frontwoman Eline Chavez, channeling a rock journey far from her days as a California kid with gut-wrenching lyrics. Their gritty rock sound and Eline’s open heart capture the raw energy of punk icons like Patti Smith and Janis Joplin.

The Rod Moore Band

“Last Station”

From the album Last Station


Rod Moore is the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind “The Rod Moore Band” project from Vancouver, B.C. With inspiration coming from established artists like ELO and The Beach Boys to more contemporary bands like Devotchka and Dave Matthews, Rod’s big productions cover lots of musical ground!

The Handstanders




Borne out of late-night jam sessions at Handstand — the art studio of founding member Jamey Barnard (drums/keys) — The Handstanders’ aesthetic blends extempore groove, expressionism, ambience and anthem. Their music embraces past and present, near and far, composed and improvised.

Luther Dickinson

“Beulah Land”

From the album Magic Music for Family Folk

Antone’s/New West Records

Luther Dickinson is a 10-time Grammy-Award-nominated producer, solo artist and North Mississippi Allstars co-founder. His new album Magic Music for Family Folk was released by Antone’s/New West Records.

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