A Relix Conversation with Bill Walton

April 25, 2016

Basketball great and celebrated Deadhead Bill Walton has written a new memoir titled Back From The Dead. In this book Walton explores his athletic career and the steady, inspiring role that music has played in his life. In this new episode of our Conversation series, Walton explores both of these topics with Relix editor-in-chief Dean Budnick.

In Part One of the Conversation, Walton walks through the new book, discusses his earliest encounters with the Grateful Dead and recalls the day when he brought the members of the Boston Celtics (minus Danny Ainge) to a show.

In Part Two of the Conversation, Walton compares basketball with live musical performance, discusses the passing of Jerry Garcia, hails the Golden State Warriors (and comments on the role of son Luke, an assistant coach with the team), chronicles his physical nadir following the cumulative impact of 37 orthopedic operations and his celebrates his return to the pit at the Fare Thee Well shows.

A Relix Conversation with Bill Walton
Moderated by Dean Budnick
Filmed and edited by Brian Stollery
Created and Produced by Bradley Tucker
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