Elektric Voodoo: Elektric Voodoo

Lee Zimmerman on May 8, 2017

With their ricochet rhythms and swooping soundscapes, San Diego’s Elektric Voodoo have officially arrived with their self-titled debut. The band’s percussive underbelly is the main element that informs the music, giving it a drive and determination that permeates each of these eight tracks from beginning to end. It’s an all-star ensemble—the band’s chief instigator, singer, guitarist, keyboard player and songwriter Scott Tournet co-founded Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, while fellow keyboardist Mark Boyce spent time with the John Spencer Blues Explosion and G. Love. Percussionist Ty Kiernan, drummer Matt Bozzone and bassist Evan Lucas fill out the remainder of the roster. The sound they create in tandem is powerful and propulsive, especially on songs like the steady, surging “Mercy” and the ever-so-catchy “Boyfriend,” which finds Tournet tossing out a series of soaring riffs, supported by an instrumental undercarriage boasting Lucas’ relentless basslines and the steady snap of a formidable backbeat. Beyond the rhythmic thrust of their tunes, there are added hints of cosmic cacophony, and psychedelic suggestions as well. So while the music is in a constant state of overdrive, the movement and momentum are tempered by a swirl and sway that imbues the songs with fluctuating dynamics. As a result, the band effectively distances itself from the computerized approach that often accompanies a typical dance stance, focusing instead on organic sounds and authentic instrumentation. It’s intriguing, enticing and engaging all at the same time—evidence of Elektric Voodoo’s ability to cast a hypnotic spell.

Artist: Elektric Voodoo
Album: Elektric Voodoo
Label: Self-Released