Cut Copy: Haiku From Zero

Emily Zemler on October 19, 2017

Three minutes into Cut Copy’s new album, on opening track “Standing in the Middle of the Field,” there is this distinct moment when the music opens up and embraces you. Whereas some electronic indie-rock can feel aloof or overly cool, Cut Copy has always been skilled at songs that are about collectiveness. The Australian group, led by singer/guitarist/keyboardist Dan Whitford, writes and performs music that is as much about the listener as it is about the band themselves. Haiku From Zero is their fifth full length release, following 2013’s deeply compelling Free Your Mind, and its beats and melodies are notably welcoming. From buoyant disco-infused rocker “Counting Down” to whirling pop track “Stars Last Me a Lifetime,” Haiku From Zero employs a diversity of styles and sounds to create this feeling of community. The musicians infuse everything with a shimmering lightness, a sonic reminder that life might actually be OK. “Memories We Share” weaves African-inspired rhythms with vintage synth spirals, creating evocative layers that build on each other to a heaving pinnacle, as Whitford repeatedly croons, “I need you.” The album, produced by Ben Allen, uplifts the listener and offers a real sense of hopefulness. There’s no doubt that it will be impressive in a live setting, where these songs could attain even more circling energy onstage.

Artist: Cut Copy
Album: Haiku From Zero