Trey Anastasio Announces New Album, ‘Lonely Trip’

July 30, 2020
Trey Anastasio Announces New Album, ‘Lonely Trip’

Trey Anastasio has announced a new solo record, Lonely Trip. The new album, made up of songs written and recorded during lockdown in Anastasio’s New York City home, will be released tomorrow, July 31. Anastasio has been releasing such songs via social media throughout quarantine. Ahead of its release on Friday, the album will be premiered tonight (July 30) on SiriusXM’s Phish Radio, starting at 8 p.m. ET.

The guitarist shared a lengthy statement on the record on his website. “When the lockdown began, I had by chance just completed a weekend songwriting session with my friends and longtime collaborators Tom Marshall and Scott Herman,” he wrote. “That session took place March 13th and 14th just as the crisis was beginning in New York, so the themes of fear and isolation were already finding their way into those first songs.”

“The process of writing songs became a reflective and healing experience,” Anastasio continued. “Being able to share these songs instantly with our community via Instagram felt equally profound. It harkened back to my youth, before there was a Phish, when I would write songs and home-record them specifically with the intention of sharing them with my circle of friends via cassette four-track recordings.”

Anastasio goes on to describe further aspects of creating the album: he asked recording engineers Ben Collette and Vance Powell about tips on microphone placement, ordered a bass guitar online and dug through a set of drum sequences he’d recorded with Phish drummer Jon Fishman over the last year. After the recording, Anastasio had the album mixed by Bryce Goggin. “As always, Bryce’s mixes sound incredible. Thank you Bryce!” he wrote.

Lonely Trip was my message in a bottle during this time, and I wish I knew how to properly thank all of you in our community for listening and responding,” Anastasio concluded. “It meant so much to me. Thank you. Wishing all of you much love and safety during this turbulent time.”

To read the full statement on Lonely Trip, click here.