The Jerry Garcia Family Announce NFT Release of Garcia’s Digital Artwork

July 19, 2021
The Jerry Garcia Family Announce NFT Release of Garcia’s Digital Artwork

Artwork: “Junglescape” by Jerry Garcia 1993

The Jerry Garcia Family in partnership with YellowHeart has announced an exclusive three-part release of an NFT digital collection, comprised of Jerry Garcia’s visual artwork. The release will feature 17 limited edition pieces and three additional works that were found in the Garcia Archive in a folder entitled “Last 48 Hours” one of which has never been seen.

Jerry Garcia Band Manager, Big Steve Parish said in a video, [Garcia] began doing computer art before anybody I had ever seen, he was so ahead of his time. Here we are 26, 27 years later and it coincides with technology. NFTs… Jerry would really like that because it’s a new way to reach people, and have it spread out to people, to see his stuff that hasn’t been seen.”

YellowHeart the leading NFT marketplace for music NFTs, tickets and community tokens has also partnered with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for an exclusive preview event on August 5 that will be attended by Garcia Family members. In conjunction with their auction, the pieces will be displayed at the Hall under the title “An Odd Little Place: The Digital Works of Jerry Garcia (1992-1995)”

“My Dad was a huge fan of computers and gadgetry, something like blockchain would have really intrigued him,” said Trixie Garcia in a statement.  “As an artist, Jerry would value the freedom potential for artists…We are delighted to share these immersive landscapes and playful images. These early digital art-making tools enabled a visionary like my father to share the scenes from his mind. He was telling stories in a new medium and it’s beautiful. Because of computers and digital technology, musicians, writers and visual artists are able to take their work to the next level and share it on a global platform. We want to pay respect to art and technology.” 

In recognition of the environmental impact of minting NFTs, the Garcia Family will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the auctions to The Wilderness Society. Contributions will also be made to the Rex Foundation, which provides grants to organizations making a difference in their communities. Donations will also be made to the First In Last Out Festival and their respective beneficiaries, For Humanity and Sweet Relief, who hold the goal of assisting out of work crew and venue staff affected by the pandemic.