Listen: Prince Estate Unveils Unreleased Tracks from ‘Vault’: Alternative “7” and Never-Before-Heard “All a Share Together Now”

July 7, 2023
Listen: Prince Estate Unveils Unreleased Tracks from ‘Vault’: Alternative “7” and Never-Before-Heard “All a Share Together Now”

The Prince Estate has officially unveiled two previously unreleased recordings discovered in the renowned “Vault” of the late musician. One of the gems is an alternative version of “7,” a single from his 1992 Love Symbol Album, recorded in the lower key of E-flat. The second track, titled “All A Share Together Now,” was recorded in 2006, six months after the release of his LP 3121.

These tracks were previewed at the recent celebration event held at Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minn. Attendees were given a cassette-shaped USB key containing both recordings.

The alternate rendition of “7” was recorded on Aug. 9, 1992, and carries a heavy sonic undertone despite Prince’s lyrical depiction of a utopian future. While the original version featured a hopeful chorus and the inclusion of the light proclivities of a sitar, the alternate version replaced the Indian instruments with industrial whirring. As Prince sings about his detractors accusing him and his peers of speaking “not of love, only blasphemy,” darkness emanates from his heart, reflecting an even greater contempt for doubters. Toward the tail end of the track, Prince delivers a funky slap-bass solo to round out the song.

“All A Share Together Now” exhibits a jazzy, modern R&B ambiance, characteristic of the period between 3121 and Planet Earth. Prince recorded this moody composition, featuring a descending bass line, lively guitar, and a Biblical narrative, on Sept. 4, 2006. He sings of the scriptures teaching that debts must be repaid by future generations, emphasizing unity with the refrain, “All a share together now.” However, the story takes an intriguing twist as Prince introduces a woman who targets a man in a room, plotting to extinguish his joy and laughter. Amidst the tale’s development, Prince exclaims, “She tried to stop the bass,” reinforcing the inclusivity embodied by the song’s title.

The Prince Estate had previously announced its intention to release new music at the Celebration event, which also featured appearances and discussions with esteemed artists such as Chaka Khan, Chuck D, and Doug E. Fresh.

Listen to “7 (E Flat Version)” and “All A Share Together Now” below.