Listen: Courtney Barnett Shares Cover of Chastity Belt’s “Different Now”

August 7, 2023
Listen: Courtney Barnett Shares Cover of Chastity Belt’s “Different Now”

Photo by Mia Mala McDonald

Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett has unveiled her rendition of Chastity Belt’s 2017 single, “Different Now,” ahead of an upcoming 7″ vinyl release. The song follows Kurt Vile’s interpretation of Chastity Belt’s “This Time of Night,” which will also appear on the offering set to drop on Oct. 27 via Suicide Squeeze Records.

The synergy between Barnett’s rendition and “Different Now,” originally featured on Chastity Belt’s third album, I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone, is palpable. Reflecting on her connection to the song, Barnett shared her sentiments: “This song is so special to me… It’s a perfect piece of songwriting.” The composition resonated deeply with Barnett, and she went on to share how it became an anthem between her and Vile during their tours.

Barnett’s creative process unfurled organically, evolving from a folk-infused acoustic rendition. Enlisting the talents of Stella Mozgawa to infuse drum programming, the track metamorphosed into a more dynamic and spirited entity. Capturing the essence of this creative journey, Barnett disclosed, “We tracked straight to the Tascam 388, and it was a real joy to make.”

The impending release will be limited to an exclusive one-time vinyl pressing of 1,500 copies. One thousand copies will be pressed on blue wax, accompanied by 250 copies in pink and an additional 250 on classic black vinyl.

While Chastity Belt prepares to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut album, No Regerts, Barnett’s reinterpretation of “Different Now” serves as a harmonious bridge between the past and the present, resonating with fans old and new.

Listen to Barnett’s cover of “Different Now” below.