Song Premiere: KIMOCK “While We Wait”

September 13, 2019
Song Premiere: KIMOCK “While We Wait”

Steve Kimock (bottom) and John Morgan Kimock recording “While We Wait” in California (courtesy of the artist)

Steve Kimock’s last offering from his KIMOCK project—which teams the guitarist with son and drummer John Morgan Kimock along with other musicians such as vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Leslie Mendelson—was 2017’s Satellite City, and today we present their new single, “While We Wait.”

The meditative track, which the elder Kimock began to compose while he was visiting a friend in failing health during their last days, creates an expansive, ethereal auditory experience as the guitarist’s lap-steel guitar and piano intermingle with John Morgan’s percussion and synthesizer sounds, along with bass additions from Spencer Murphy.

“The feeling inside this tune is patience, life, a prerequisite to waiting,” Steve tells Relix. In a press release, he lauds his son’s production on the track, saying, “I don’t know how he does it. He takes pieces I’ve done and creates something new…his process is fascinating.”

John Morgan adds, “You cannot identify what you are hearing, which is really exciting to me. I try to run with the ‘UFO’ vibes and let that creep into the production.”

Listen to “While We Wait” below. Steve Kimock has a run of Friends shows on the East Coast later this month featuring John Morgan, Jeff Chimenti and Reed Mathis. Check out their full schedule here.