Foo Fighters Brought Up “KISS Guy” Fan in Austin and Dave Grohl Lost His Mind

Matt Inman on April 19, 2018

Foo Fighters opened up a run of US tour dates last night with the first of three Texas shows in Austin, and as Ultimate Classic Rock reports, the band brought a fan up on stage to take up frontman Dave Grohl’s guitar on their hit “Monkey Wrench.”

Foo Fighters have a history of this sort of fan interaction—last fall they welcomed Pierce and Jeremy on separate occasions—and Grohl kept the fan love flowing last night in Austin, seeing the sign of an audience member who was decked out in KISS makeup and a Motörhead shirt and pulling him on stage. “KISS Guy,” as Grohl dubbed the fan when he was too busy saying hello to Taylor Hawkins to tell everyone his real name, then took on Grohl’s guitar.

“He brought his own fucking pick!” Grohl yelled when the younger guitarist—actual name Yayo Sanchez—showed how ready he was for the sit in. The band then launched into “Monkey Wrench,” with Sanchez more than holding his own and running around the stage while head banging. When it came time for his first solo, Sanchez ripped a couple of bars, causing Grohl to go absolutely wild. Later, the band gave Sanchez more room for soloing, which ultimately caused Grohl to forget his own lyrics out of disbelief. “KISS Guy,” Grohl says with his arm around Sanchez, “You’re the fucking king.”

Turns out, this wasn’t Sanchez’s first rodeo, as a biography on the young guitarist says that he has shared the stage with the likes of Slash and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and went on a full US tour even before he exited his teenage years (he seems to be around 24 years old now), but that doesn’t diminish the killer job he did with the Foos, and it certainly doesn’t diminish how much fun Grohl had watching Sanchez rip it up on his guitar.