Dead & Company Remain Ridiculously Photogenic on the Set of _Colbert_

November 16, 2017

I don’t know what it is about Dead & Company, but they are so damn photogenic. 

Maybe it’s the addition of the permanently-dashing John Mayer that has forced the rest of the band to up their respective games, but in their short history Dead & Company has produced some of the more memorable spur-the-moment photos in history. 

How could we forget this beauty from their first foray together? Now, we have their latest offering on the set at Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Just look at how perfect of a photo this is. Mayer and Weir are posted up like the TV poster of an average buddy-cop drama on CBS. Hart and Burbridge weren’t offered chairs so they decided to sit on desks and elsewhere while Chimenti lurks in the shadows and Kreutzman stares at everyone in bewilderment. 

It’s just so beautifully Dead & Company. 

Tune in to @colbertlateshow tonight AND tomorrow night to catch @deadandcompany !
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