Apparently Pierce the Onetime Foo Fighters Drummer is a Jamband Fan

October 19, 2017

via @piercetracyedge

As we showed you yesterday, Foo Fighters did a very cool thing at their concert in Columbia, SC, on Tuesday night, bringing a fan up on stage to play drums with them on a cover of Queen’s “Under Pressure.” Today, 
JamBase published an interview with the young fan, Pierce Edge (which is just a ridiculously good stage name already), in which he detailed the incredible experience and revealed that he is a bit of a jamband fan as well, specifically Phish and Dead & Company, who he plans to see on their upcoming tour.

The 19-year-old college student, who attends the University of South Carolina, explained that he chose to put “Under Pressure” as the requested song on his homemade sign after seeing a YouTube video in which Dave Grohl invited a fan in Italy to join the band on the cover. “I was afraid to do a Foo Fighters song with the risk of messing it up,” Edge adds. “I knew they wouldn’t let me do a hit like ‘Everlong’ or ‘Best of You.’” The drummer  who apparently isn’t in a band and doesn’t even have a drumset in his dorm room, despite his impressive performance on Tuesday night – also notes that there were a couple other people with similar requests on their signs in the crowd around him. 

“Grohl stops and says, ‘A bunch of people are f****** holding up signs,’” he says. “He reads mine and asks if I know that song and what to do. The other holder next to me leaps over the barrier thinking it was him, and Grohl sends him back and pulls me up instead. Surprisingly, the crowd of 12,000+ in front of me didn’t really bother me any. I participated in marching band and concert band throughout middle and high school so crowds weren’t an issue. Playing in front of two of the greatest drummers in music today was a different story. Once they let me behind the kit, they asked me to solo. I just did a little warm up to situate myself with the placement of everything. I knew I had to prove myself and do it fast, so I went straight into the song. Once it began, I was laser focused on my part. I just played as if it were autopilot.”

Edge also mentions that Tuesday was his first ever Foo Fighters concert, despite being what he calls “below a die-hard yet far above a casual listener” of the band, and goes into his memory of the first Phish show he ever saw, their set at Bonnaroo in 2012, which set him off the road of fandom and led him to several shows since (though he hasn’t yet expereinced a “You Enjoy Myself”). “I was 14 (I had cool parents) and I was in the pit, on the rail far down Fish side,” Edge says. “Everyone else was kind of critical of the show. ‘They didn’t really jam,’ ‘it was more of a ‘hits’ or ‘standards’ show,’ ‘it was the second consecutive set they opened with ‘Down With Disease’, etc…’ I didn’t care because it was the first time I had heard any of these songs. Four-minute version or twenty-minute version, I’ll take what I can get!”

Revisit the once-in-a-lifetime fan sit in below.