Here’s our January_February Digital Sampler

January 18, 2019

We’ve just posted our January_February digital sampler. Click here to download the tracks.

You can also enjoy a combined playlist of our CD and digital tracks via Spotify:


From the album Look Alive
Nettwerk Records
“Overexcited” feels like classic Brit-pop, so lead singer Ryan Miller sang it with a British accent over an Ensoniq marimba. Some of Guster’s critics will say, “You can’t do that”—and that’s something the band has heard their entire career. But Guster doesn’t subscribe to the same musical ideology theydo and never will.

The New Respects

From the album Before The Sun Goes Down
Credential Recordings
Falling into a genre of their own, The New Respects mesh pop, soul, and rock & roll with overlays of acoustic tones. The Nashville-based group has been careful in selecting their influences. Steering clear of trends and fads, The New Respects demonstrate both their mental and sonic maturity by turning to sounds that have stood the test of time. Traces of Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, and Led Zepplin can all be found within their catchy hooks and heavy grooves.

Shea Abshier & the Nighthowlers

“Hot Mess”
From the album Turning Point
RiFT Music Group
Shea Abshier and the Nighthowlers formed in the spring of 2017 in Texas, a state steeped in musical accomplishment. The band’s sophomore album, Turning Point, is set to be released in early 2019. The album is a sampling from the diverse melting pot that is Texas music with an unshakable rock-and-roll foundation. The album’s first single is “Hot Mess.”

Soul Brass Band

“Maintain Composure”
From the album Derrick Freeman and James Martin present SOUL
ACME Classic Records
Derrick Freeman and James Martin of New Orleans own Soul Brass Band have teamed up to bring you this funky gem featuring their friend Arsene Delay. The song features Also the Soul horn section and Freeman’s gritty vocals.


“Dead on the Table”
From the album Already Gone/Dead on the Table
DubSeven Records
Imagine the Foo Fighters and Muse stuffed in an underground studio during the nuclear holocaust with nothing but Weezer and Radiohead albums to session. Delivering the attitude of an underdog and the punch of a champion, SixTwoSeven delivers the most beautiful ass-whoopin’ your ears ever took.

West End Blend

“Say Hey!”
From the album Live at The Waterhole
Since their conception, Connecticut-based funk-soul band West End Blend have been playing their versions of funk and soul in venues all over the Northeast and beyond. Fronted by vocalist Erica T. Bryan, the band pays homage to classic throwback sounds while adding their own distinct vibe and flair. Behind her, the Blend consists of two guitars, a two-piece horn section, bass, keyboards and drums. From humble beginnings in an epic and sweaty basement dance party, the Blend’s goal has always been to bring that same atmosphere to their shows.


From the album Opus 421
It’s fusion, all right. A seven-piece hip-hop band—heavy on the horns—Gryzzle explore the intersection of thoughtful storytelling and multi-faceted composition on their debut album, Opus 421. The Virginia-based ensemble lists Snarky Puppy, The Roots and Mac Miller among its influences.

Layne Denton

“Tied To The Tracks”
From the album Layne Denton
Layne Denton is a rising musician based out of Atlanta. In 2018, he released his debut album Layne Denton. His performances are described as highly energetic; Layne’s passion reaches everyone who hears him. This year, he’ll continue to tour across the Southeast.

J & the Causeways

“How’d We Get Here”
From the album J & TheCauseways
New-aged soul band J & The Causeways were founded on a hot summer night in New Orleans at the Maple Leaf Bar by singer-songwriter Jordan Anderson. He envisioned a group so infectiously authentic and soulful that the audience could practically feel its warm embrace at any given show.

Roadside Glorious

“Gone Girl”
From the Album Brawn and Bone
New Orleans rock-and-soul band Roadside Glorious recently released their debut full length album, Brawn and Bone, recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Ala. The band features dueling guitars, soulful singing and an contagious, upbeat energy at live shows.

Winston Ramble

“Wool Over Eyes”
With members hailing from the free state of Winston County, Ala., Winston Ramble interjects the raw expression of rock-and-roll into the feel-good vibes of folk and bluegrass music.

Phil and the Osophers

“Bee Liner”
From the album From the Rise of Fall
Phil and the Osophers have released critically acclaimed music ranging from Dylan-esque folk to rhythmic, African-influenced indie rock with passages inspired by the Dead. True to their band name, philosophical ideas are the lyrical focus. Phil’s lyrics encompass revelatory and transformative themes, built upon a foundation of novel musical ideas.