Check Out Our December 2022 Digital Artist Sampler

December 7, 2022
Check Out Our December 2022 Digital Artist Sampler

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Clare Maloney & The Great Adventure

“Never Done That Before”

From the album Daybreaker


Clare Maloney & The Great Adventure’s debut LP Daybreaker takes listeners on a wildly colorful road trip. Recorded live in the studio, the nine-song journey traverses rock, alt-country, Americana, folk, funk and more, with Maloney’s brilliant voice, rocking band and polished songwriting tying it all together.

Trouble Bound

“Die Trying”

From the album Bridges Burn


Hailing from Colorado, Trouble Bound is an “Americana-infused rock” band. With diverse influences, they mix elements of rock, country, folk, blues and singer-songwriter musical styles to create a hybrid roots-rock sound that is all their own.

Kelli Baker

“Blood on the Nile”


Bad Jeu Jeu Records

Known in some circles as “The Phoenix,” Kelli Baker was born and raised in Phoenix, Ariz., and recently completed two national tours. Her latest track, “Blood on the Nile,” landed on Spotify’s editorial playlist, “Blues Roots.” The musician performs regularly at the most discerning of NYC venues.


“Aliens Have Taken My Brain”

From the album Sunshine Hotel


Neybas’ fourth track off their latest album, Sunshine Hotel, recently debuted on Relix/  Radio Charts. Anne Carlini of Exclusive Magazine called out the song’s “dreamy balladry,” while RockTimes describes it as “full of kindness. It grooves, almost swings beautifully.” The band hopes you dig it.

Lizzie & the Makers

“Dear Onda Wahl”



Atop granite foundations of AC/DC and Black Sabbath, New York City’s Lizzie & the Makers layer the grooving rock of The Allman Brothers Band and Pink Floyd’s melodic psychedelia with lurking hints of blues/country rootsiness and their accomplished love of the avant-garde.

Mr. Mota

“Smoke Too Much”



These guys smoke too much, but they also rip. Mr. Mota has been wondrously blending genres with intense jams, crowd-capturing hooks and fiery youthful energy since May 2021. They started by bringing the tastiest of grooves to the backyards of Boulder, Colo., now you can hear them anywhere you like.

Pink Beds

“Tunnel Vision”



Pink Beds is a cerebral indie pop band formed in 2020 at the cusp of the initial lockdowns. Composed of four friends from Asheville, N.C., they’ve cultivated a strong bond through a shared passion for lush soundscapes, artfully crafted tunes and rhythms you can’t help but feel.


“Marcy, Pts. 1 & 2”



“Marcy, Pts. 1 & 2” is the band at its peak. The back-half jam of this song naturally came together in a one-off session at the band’s rehearsal studio in Brooklyn, N.Y. The amount of little gems on the number makes it a fun listen and keeps you wanting to come back for more.

Jess Novak


From The EP Bad Bitch


Jess Novak is a triple-threat singer, songwriter and musician who swaps between five-string electric violin, guitar, piano, percussion and powerful vocals. With eleven original albums to her name and a book, Novak is the definition of prolific.

AC Sapphire

“Stick And Poke Tattoo”


American Standard Time

AC Sapphire’s serpentine songs weave their way through dreamy desert landscapes. Simple subjects become complex observations in Sapphire’s poetic songwriting style. Reverb-laden, densely layered rock-and-roll, droning intricate guitar playing.

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