SUSS: Ghost Box

Richard Gehr on May 11, 2018

Anxious times demand pacifying palliatives. If the American dream’s got you tied up in knots, then loosen those tethers with SUSS’ hauntingly appealing Ghost Box , an ambient jingle-janglejingle across the highest of hill countries. Concocted by Bob Holmes and Gary Leib, formerly of New Wave country combo Rubber Rodeo, and No Wave utility infielder Pat Irwin, SUSS reimagine the spaciest spaghetti-western riffs as slowly expanding gas clouds adrift on the slo-mo tranquility of Eno-ized mandolins and keyboard susurrations. It’s high, lonesome and, like John Wayne in The Searchers, coming to take you home, whether you want to go back there or not.

Artist: SUSS
Album: Ghost Box
Label: SUSS