Santana: Corazón

Bill Murphy on May 6, 2014

It goes without saying that no matter how far afield into jazz, funk, fusion, rock or pop he chases his muse, Carlos Santana always hews close to his Latin roots. (For starters, just give the classic Abraxas or 1992’s Milagro a spin.) In that sense then, Corazón (“Heart”) is a logical step in the continuum, even if it does stand out for featuring some of the heavyweights of Latin pop—an all-star assembly that’s in the mold, or perhaps more in the shadow, of his monster-selling Supernatural. But where too many cooks may have overwhelmed the latter, Corazón simmers with spicy variety, with peaks that include the lilting “Una Noche en Nápoles” (with Lila Downs, Niña Pastori and Soledad), Gloria Estefan’s nightclubby “Besos De Lejos,” Ziggy Marley’s true-to-dad rendition of “Iron Lion Zion” and the rambunctious “Mal Bicho” with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Better still, Santana cuts loose with some of the best guitar playing he’s done in decades. The tasty filigrees and wah solo in Jaunes’ sensuous “La Flaca” alone instantly recall the original Santana band gems of the ‘70s—a sound that can still rock a street party well into the night.

Artist: Santana
Album: Corazón
Label: RCA /Sony Latin Iberia