Oneida: Romance

Richard Gehr on June 13, 2018

Post-minimalist primitivos Oneida deserve more credit for their songs. On the Brooklyn quintet’s magnificent new Romance, these include the Zen mystique of “Economy Travel,” the compact freak-out of “Cedars,” the hypnotically pulsating lounge lizardry of “Good Lie” and the Ramones-y “Cockfight” (“I’m in a… cockfight! ”). Oneida uses lyrics as bonus information in their manly skein of bravado drumming and avantpunk guitars and keyboards. The long-form tracks they’re better known for consist of motorik hippie dream “Lay of the Land” and “Shepherd’s Axe,” an 18-minute improvisation that brings this love affair to an indeterminate conclusion.

Artist: Oneida
Album: Romance
Label: Joyful Noise