Moon Taxi: Mountains Beaches Cities

Jack McManus on October 3, 2013

After breaking into the national spotlight last year with their album Cabaret, Moon Taxi offer a follow-up that aims even higher. The band’s third studio album Mountains Beaches Cities has full-scale ambitions and an appetite for adventure, with songs that dive boldly into unexpected time signatures, surprising moments of intimacy or bombast, cross-genre experimentation and the band’s own twisted visions of pop conventionality. The biggest surprise of all, though, is how polished and professional it all sounds. Meticulously produced in-house by guitarist Spencer Thomson and keyboardist Wes Bailey, the recordings boast the intricate detail and sheen that you’d expect from a band with far more experience (and resources) than the young Tennessee quartet. Pairing accessibility with endless replay value, Moon Taxi make it clear that they’re not a name to forget.

Artist: Moon Taxi
Album: Mountains Beaches Cities
Label: BMG/12th South