Lorenzo Feliciati: Elevator Man

Richard Gehr on February 6, 2018

The ghost of Jaco Pastorius benignly haunts Elevator Man, the third solo album by the Italian bassist Lorenzo Feliciati. A low-end horn section—trombone, bass trombone and baritone saxophone—lends a saturnine glory to memorable themes, and the playing is consistently virtuosic. It’s sort of like Steely Dan jamming with Weather Report, but without a moment of schmaltz. Drummer Chad Wackerman lends a confident Zappa vibe to “The Brick,” and there’s no end of dazzling guitars slicing through Feliciati’s jazz-rock noir. “Does it have its ups and downs?” you ask. Please.

Artist: Lorenzo Feliciati
Album: Elevator Man
Label: RareNoiseRecords