Lawrence: Breakfast

Wayan Zoey on June 23, 2016

For those who have been wondering what Eric Krasno has been up to since he eased up on his road commitments, Breakfast, the debut from sibling-led soul/funk band Lawrence, serves as a solid excuse for his live absence. Produced by the Soulive/Lettuce guitarist, and mixed/engineered by Bunker Studio-owner John Davis (the same combo responsible for The London Souls’ Here Come the Girls), Breakfast is a welcome addition to the current retro-soul music revival scene. However unlike their similarly directed peers the Dap-Kings and Lettuce (whose drummer Adam Deitch makes a guest appearance on opener and lead single “Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me?”), Lawrence are comparatively children. Comprised of friends who met in high school, the titular singers Clyde and Gracie Lawrence are only 23 and 19 years old respectively, but you wouldn’t immediately assume that from listening to the music. The rich nine-piece arrangements (Clyde also plays keys) pay tribute to Motown, Muscle Shoals and everything in between; and it’s only a close examination of the lyrics that would ever suggest the band members may not have that many years under their belts. In some areas, the songwriting and melodic decisions can be a little too derivative, but Breakfast is a great place to start searching for a truly original sound.

Artist: Lawrence
Album: Breakfast
Label: Same Wavelegnth