Jounce: Meet Me in the Middle

Fady Khalil on August 25, 2011


New York City’s Jounce may still be better known for the former persona of its bassist and vocalist, Danny Tamberelli (Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete & Pete). But, since its well-received debut album and strong follow-up, the trio of life-long friends has steadily defined themselves otherwise. Jounce’s third effort, Meet Me in the Middle, presents some of its most convincing songs to date. Openers, “Precipitation” and “Heat of the Moment” set much of the EP’s tone with a strong neo-classic rock aesthetic immediately reminiscent of The Slip. And though Tamberelli’s vocal delivery is slightly rough around the edges, it conjures an early period J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) with slacker-grunge chops that prove to be strangely hypnotic.

Artist: Jounce
Album: Meet Me in the Middle