Jon Cleary: GoGo Juice

Jeff Tamarkin on September 10, 2015

“Before I make it to the boneyard,” goes the first line in one of the funkier songs on this very funky record, “I’m gonna have some fun.” And true ‘nuff, Jon Cleary and his crew are having a blast. The latest from the long-time-ago U.K.-to-NOLA transplant is, as always with this multi-instrumentalist/ vocalist/songwriter, loaded to the bones with all kindsa grooves: the Rebennackian second-line strut of the aforementioned “Boneyard;” the Little-Feat-just-behind-the-beat “Getcha GoGo Juice;” and “Love on One Condition,” as soulful a tale of cautious reconciliation as any ever, its horn charts are arranged (as are most here) by no less than Allen Toussaint. Produced by the deservedly busy John Porter (Carlos Santana, Los Lonely Boys, et al.) and featuring members of Cleary’s regular Absolute Monster Gentlemen band, along with session cats, GoGo Juice is home to some of Cleary’s most notable playing and writing to date. New Orleans is in good hands with this expat.

Artist: Jon Cleary
Album: GoGo Juice
Label: FHQ/ Thirty Tigers