John Hiatt: Terms of My Surrender

Nancy Dunham on July 11, 2014

The songs on John Hiatt’s new album Terms of My Surrender are so grimy and gritty that the sound conjures the cigarette-smoke-and-cheap-liquor smell of old-style blues clubs. With his growling, gravel-filled vocals sounding more elegantly ragged than ever, the 11 tracks take listeners on a luxurious stroll through Hiatt’s brand of blues, a combination of James Luther Dickinson-sound mixed with dollops of Johnny Cash-brand country-rock. Hiatt’s long-time guitarist Doug Lancio produced the album and deserves kudos for the raw, driving acoustic vibes that he captured during the live recording. Songs ranging from a powerful, rhythmic shuffle (“Face Of God”) to Kris Kristofferson-styled love anthems (“Marlene,” “Come Back Home”) to a sly poke at some of his “pushy” peers (“Old People”) once again prove that Hiatt’s still the master.

Artist: John Hiatt
Album: Terms of My Surrender
Label: New West