Jeffertitti’s Nile: The Electric Hour

Sam Davis on June 26, 2014

Recorded in the time between touring as Father John Misty’s bassist, the debut full-length from LA’s Jeffertitti’s Nile plays much like a musical travelogue—venturing in countless directions within the boundless confines of their self-described “transcendental space-punk doo-wop” sound. Cut directly to analog tape in a handful of studios across California, with an extended family of musicians including Josh Tillman (Father John Misty/Fleet Foxes) himself, The Electric Hour is a concept album in the sense that it conceptualizes the psychedelic experience—from the light to the dark to the transcendent and beyond. Perhaps it’s the reason that Brooklyn label Beyond Beyond is Beyond decided to pick them up, and a reason why they will bed nicely with their new label mates The Entrance Band. From the opening, raved-up cover of jazz/blues legend Bessie Smith’s “Blue Spirit Blues” to the closing, nearly 10-minute jammer “The Day the Sky Fell,” Jeffertitti’s Nile will leave you asking for another hit.

Artist: Jeffertitti’s Nile
Album: The Electric Hour
Label: Beyond Beyond Is Beyond