Foxtails Brigade: Foxtails Brigade

J. Poet on June 27, 2016

Laura Weinbach, lead singer, main songwriter and guitarist for Foxtails Brigade, inhabits her own world. The music she makes with her partner, violinist and arranger Anton Patzner, defies easy categorization. It includes elements of pop, rock and classical chamber music, with skewed rhythms, odd verse/chorus structures and unexpected shifts in tempo that demand careful listening and an open mind. Weinbach’s idiosyncratic vocals and tendency to ignore the cadence of a melody make her delivery jarring, but it quickly pulls you into the fractured emotional states we all experience and seldom find the proper words to express. “Watch Me” is a quiet lullaby that sings the praises of selfdestruction with a frightening sense of resignation. She takes a more forceful stand on “No Fate,” a noisy rocker that finds her going face to face with the chaos of modern life with a chip on her shoulder and a smirk on her lips. Ticking clock percussion, a heavy bass drum thump and guitars contributing an implied reggae rhythm add to the disjointed emotion of “We Are Not Ourselves.” The song creates the ambience of an anxiety filled sleepless night, with Weinbach sounding more agitated every time she insists, “I am not crazy.”

Artist: Foxtails Brigade
Album: Foxtails Brigade
Label: OIM