Eivind Opsvik: Overseas V

Richard Gehr on June 29, 2017

MOPDTK guitarist Brandon Seabrook also brings a feral spirit to Eivind Opsvik’s Overseas V, which, likewise, distills wit and smarts into short, powerful tunes. The latest in the Norwegian bassist/composer’s ongoing “Overseas” series—with a group filled out by Tony Malaby (sax), Kenny Wollesen (drums) and Jacob Sacks (piano)—is inspired by late- ‘70s post-punk swagger. From the Beefheart stagger of “I’m Up This Step” to the disco whomp of “Brraps!” and the long motorik coda of “First Challenge on the Road,” Opsvik’s outfit sounds like it’s set its teeth into fresh meat and ain’t letting go.

Artist: Eivind Opsvik
Album: Overseas V
Label: Loyal Label