Drowning Clowns: All That’s Covered Over

Abbe Ouziel on July 16, 2014

All That’s Covered Over is the debut album by self-proclaimed psychedelic-rock orchestra, Drowning Clowns. The Pittsburgh-based band began as a passion project for musician Mike Speranzo, who brought together a diverse group of local musicians, including his wife and Rusted Root member, Liz Berlin. This is not the first collaboration between husband and wife, who own the beloved Pittsburgh music venue/recording studio/skate park, Mr. Small’s. The band’s musical influences seem to be as varied as the acts that pass through their venue and is a culmination of decades of experience in the industry. All That’s Covered Over is an intricate blend of electro-pop and indie rock, utilizing melodic guitars and eclectic synths to round out the sound of this band’s ambitious debut.

Artist: Drowning Clowns
Album: All That’s Covered Over
Label: Self-Released