Dreadnaught: Hard Chargin’

Richard Gehr on July 31, 2017

Nobody tells me anything. Like, who knew that the country’s best “pure” prog-rock combo had been plugging steadily away in Portsmouth, N. H., for the past two decades? Dreadnaught is as ambitious, virtuosic and as surrealistically silly as the genre gets on Hard Chargin’, the sixth album from founder-bassist Bob Lord along with his latest associates, Rick Habib (drums) and Justin Walton (guitar). It ends up sounding like Yes meets Zappa meets Henry Cow meets your mother in this sweet suite-like frenzy, ranging from the funky prog-out “Takin’ a Ride With the Fat Man (Fatta Fatta Puck Puck)” to the outside bliss of “Express Delight.”

Artist: Dreadnaught
Album: Hard Chargin’
Label: Red Fez