Brazilian Girls: Let’s Make Love

Ryan Reed on May 22, 2018

It’s been a full decade since Brazilian Girls issued their third LP, the Grammy-nominated New York City , and they’ve barely maintained a pulse in the interim. Though the alt-dance quartet contributed a track to a Red Hot charitable compilation in 2011 and have played a few sporadic reunion shows, their prognosis did not seem good. Singer Sabina Sciubba sought out her own career opportunities, releasing a solo album and co-starring in the Zach Galifianakis TV comedy Baskets . In this context, their comeback record Let’s Make Love could wind up with two polar opposite outcomes: a rusty, regrettable retread or a rejuvenated rebirth. Luckily, it’s the latter, as the band giddily runs the gamut from loungey retro synthpop (the vocoder-laced “Wild Wild Web”) to sample-driven electro-funk (“Looking for Love”) to the art-punk thrust of the title track. As usual, so much of the impact rests on Sciubba’s shoulders, as her sultry French delivery makes every random line feel profound. (“Listen to the music, don’t play the critic,” she pleads over the Deerhoof-ish art-jazz strut of “The Critic.” By the track’s end, she’d almost convinced me.) It’s a rarity in modern alternative music, but Brazilian Girls always radiated a sense of fun—and despite the long delay, that message hasn’t dimmed one bit. “Let’s make love and forget about the money/ Let’s make love and forget about the rest,” Sciubba sings. In an era of increasingly fucked-up headlines, her escapist message has never felt more crucial.

Artist: Brazilian Girls
Album: Let’s Make Love