Alex B: Moments

Hayley Elisabeth Kaufman on July 5, 2010

Elm & Oak

On his aptly titled debut Moments, Boulder-based beatmaster and producer Alex Botwin (Pnuma Trio) melds atmospheric hip-hop, spooky trip-hop and dashes of soul-infused samples to make for a gruff-sounding urban electronica that defies easy classification. Known for his complex song structures and improvisational live show, on Moments Alex B imbues the sometimes-formulaic beats, samples and effects format with pixie-like revved up cryptic vocals, underwater-sounding warped percussion and an anything-goes jazz-like quality. The resulting sound is like amalgamation of fleeting impressions, which sonically underscores the title of this arresting effort. Whether it’s the beat-heavy East-meets-West feel of “Hot Chop,” which features a vibrating bassline and an undeniable slithering beat or the understated slink-factor of “Getting to Know You,” Alex B’s Moments is definitely worth savoring.

Artist: Alex B
Album: Moments