The Relix 44

Why 44?


That’s a fair question.

Without distracting you by invoking the various professional athletes who wore that number (Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson, John Riggins, Jerry West, Danny Ainge) or mentioning the 44th President of the United States (Mr. Barack Hussein Obama) or even the colorful fact that 44 is the number of Hanukkah candles in a standard box, let me point to the fall of 1974 when Relix debuted.

OK, technically, it was called Dead Relix, but that first issue appeared 44 years ago, featuring a tongue-in-cheek coverline dedication to “the world’s sneakiest tape collector—Tricky Dicky” (Richard Nixon resigned on Aug. 9, 1974 in the aftermath of allegations regarding his cover-up of the Watergate break-in, which he could not deny due to the results of the secret taping system he had installed in the Oval Office).

So to mark our 44 years of publication, we are celebrating 44 people, places and things that entertain and enthrall us (Technically 45, thanks to John Mayer’s Olympia SM3, but if we’re using 1974 as our starting point, then a typewriter is certainly a sound bonus.)

Dean Budnick, Editor-in-Chief


The Relix 44 originally appears in the September 2018 issue of Relix. The full list will be rolled out on throughout this fall and compiled below. 


Collective Uplift: Participation Row


Brooklyn’s Burning Man: House of Yes


Still Bulletproof: Antibalas


Miles Gets Raucous: A Tribute to Jack Johnson


You Know, For Kids: Musack and Music Education Nonprofits


Golden Year: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Turns 50


Letting It Shine: Chris Ragan


Talking Heads: Katy Tur and Jake Sherman


A Lot Artist Earns His Merit Badge: Chris Kovach


Genre-Bending, Bucket-List Must: Charles Lloyd


Music Discovery Starts Here: Binky Griptite


Radio at Breakneck Speed: Live From Here


Farm-to-table Rock-and-roller: Patrick Hallahan


Poetry in Motion: The Rotating Drummers of Late Night with Seth Meyers


All for One: Tash Sultana


DMB Keyman: Buddy Strong


Justin Vernon’s Type of PEOPLE: The Slip


Never Miss a Wednesday Show: The Benevento-Russo Duo with Mike Gordon’s 52-Minute Version of “Foam”


Shine a Light: Bluegrass Underground at The Caverns


Round Trip: MSG Sphere Las Vegas


An Elevated Gathering: High Sierra Music Festival


Closing in on the Earth: Fall ‘98 Phish


Wandering Further: Circles Around the Sun


A Good Time with Garcia: Legion of Mary


A Sound Without a Time Stamp: The Band’s Music From Big Pink


Versatile Roots: “Captain” Kirk Douglas


Still of the Moment: The Weavers – Wasn’t That a Time!


Post-Jam Power Couple: Josh Kaufman and Annie Nero


The Real Thing: Taj Mahal


Essential Punk Improvisation: From No Wave to Neo Psychedelia


Everybody’s Support System: Wally Ingram


The Unsung Hero of Widespread Panic’s Internet Archive: PanicStream


The Straight From the Vine Music Festival: Huichica


Sonic Drive: Derek Featherstone and UltraSound


Tiny Musical Canvases: Fan Pins


Silver Screen Soundtracks: Cinema Improv


Once in a Lifetime: Angélique Kidjo’s Remain in Light


Drink It Up: The Musical Beer Boom


Tales of Musical Omnivores: SiriusXM’s Grateful Dead Channel


The North Star: Col. Bruce Hampton


Man of the People: Phil Cook


Mixed for the Hallucinations: Anthem of the Sun at 50


A Half-Century of Sweetheart of the Rodeo: A Mini-Byrds Reunion


The Godfather of the Indie-Jam: John Moore


Check Them Out: Star-Making Machinery and Alive at the Village Vanguard