G-Nome Project

Justin Jacobs on June 17, 2016

Jerusalem, Israel
Holy- city Livetronica

People flock to the holy city of Jerusalem for spiritual fulfillment, but for a community of American expats, a different sort of quest is finally being realized—one for the jam scene they left back home. Keyboardist Eyal Salomon was standing in a Jerusalem bus station in 2010 when another American noticed his Disco Biscuits hat. That connection led to the formation of G-Nome Project, Israel’s very first improvisational livetronica band. “My biggest fear when I moved to Israel was that I wouldn’t be able to form a band,” says Salomon. “But as we say in Hebrew: M’hashamayim. From the sky, it all fell into place.” Today, the quartet regularly fills Jerusalem venues with many Americans craving a fix of their infectious, trance-heavy, nonstop jamming. Their American tours are steadily gaining momentum, too—this summer, G-Nome will hit the stage at Camp Bisco for the first time, with brand new guitarist (and only native Israeli member) Shlomo Langer in tow. “He doesn’t come from the jam world; he doesn’t know Phish or the Biscuits. His English is rusty,” says Salomon. “But he nails our songs. Whatever’s inside of him, it perfectly matches the sound we needed.”

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